Our well established values remain to provide world class products and innovation.

Beige Concepts is the brainchild of Amina and Russ Turnbull, a husband and wife Team.

Registered as a Limited Company in the United Kingdom, Beige Concepts was first established in Lagos in 1996 to promote and help a variety of innovative and creative projects. The Company further developed in 2016 when we had the privilege to live and work in a close community of what can best be described truly international nationalities, who live a healthy lifestyle whilst at the same have fun. The diversity and fun is key to our mission statement…”share the love”.


Our well-established values remain to provide world class products and innovation. Feedback from our global client data base has encouraged us to research and discover the science behind the ketogenic diet which will enhance your lifestyle. We went one step further with the inclusion of multinational meal plans, which are fun to prepare, and of course delicious to eat!!

In consultation with our professional team of experts, we are have developed an App, “Keto With Friends diet hub” to help you begin your  journey. There are no promises but join in and see the difference!!

Enjoy and share the love.